Saturday, April 11, 2009


It was a less than auspicious start to my day, as Tasty Temptation finished 5th at 7-2. It looked like she had traffic throughout, but what can you do, them's the breaks in a 10-horse field.

I'm a bit bummed because I strongly considered switching over to the eventual 3-1 winner Song of Solomon until about a minute before post time, but ultimately I decided to stand pat with Tasty Temptation. Having Song of Solomon ($8.40 to win and $4.80 to place) won't make anyone's contest day, but having it is a lot better than not having it.

I just peeked at the standings -- 22 people (less than I would have guessed) had Song of Solomon and are tied for first with $13.20, and another 43 (more than I would have guessed) had Esperanza de' Oro, who paid $9.40 to place. I guess that puts me in a 235-way tie for 66th place, with $0.00!

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