Saturday, April 11, 2009

Contest Day

Well here we is, the day of my first-ever contest, ain't it thrilling. I'm hoping some beginner's luck will carry the day for me.

The 30th-place person from the April 4 NHCQ contest finished with $77, so I guess that's a decent estimate of what it will take to advance. $77 doesn't sound like all that much but it essentially is a doubling of your $40 betting allowance, so needless to say, I need to have a very good day.

I entered my picks early (in case my internet goes down or something) as follows:

Kee5: Tasty Temptation
Kee6: Hewitts
SA2: Samantha's Rule
Kee7: Storm Treasure
Kee8: I Lost My Choo
Kee9: Join in the Dance
SA5: Luhuk's Dancer
Kee10: Equitable
SA6: Stormy Slew
SA7: Arden Park

I'll be reviewing more over the course of the afternoon and up until post time, I imagine I'll call at least a few audibles and change stuff on the fly.

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