Monday, April 13, 2009

NHCQualify: The Autopsy

I finished in 236th place in Saturday's NHCQualify contest, out of 298 players, with a bankroll of $12.40. My sole winner was My Maloof Rocker ($3.20, $2.20) in Santa Anita's 2nd race, and my biggest earner was Why Tonto (who paid $7 to place) in Keeneland's 10th race.

I have no real regrets, lamentations, or shoulda woulda couldas -- it just wasn't my day. Blue Grass winner General Quarters ($30.60, $11) was the biggest price in the 10 contest races,and I didn't like him at all. Other decent-priced winners that I didn't have were Tiger Woodman ($24.20, $9.60), Eternal Star ($13.20, $5.40), and Hero's Reward ($12.60, $6.20) at Keeneland, and Shadow of Illinois ($17, $8.40) and Idontbelievemyeyes ($14.60) at Santa Anita. You needed at least two of the above horses plus a little chalk money to get to the minimum qualifying bankroll of $72.40.

On the bright side, I'm not at all discouraged and the contest was funner than I expected. I'm not in the 4/18 NHCQualify event, but I'd like to try another one in June.

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  1. Keep plugging away.

    I finished 56th this weekend (April 18th), only $12 away from qualifying. Ive been busy, so this was my first attempt this year. Best advice: Keep saying/asking yourself, "Yeah, it's a long shot, but can I find a reason he might win?" Then, hope for a little luck---because it plays a big part.

    Mark Ripple
    Author, Handicapping the Wall Street Way