Friday, June 19, 2009

(glub glub)

Yes, that sound you are hearing is the sound of the dinghy ZazaFreakingPachulia officially taking on water in Monmouth Park's Survival at the Shore contest. I lost my life preserver today, when Hello Andrew, Ay Papi, and Discreet Interview all failed to hit the board.

I do still survive, which is more than 2,985 other contestants can say. But, my survival is tethered to the slenderest of reeds, as my $264.70 bankroll has me in 1,199th place, and my precious life preserver has gone the way of Wilson the volleyball in the movie Cast Away (come on, raise your hand with me if that scene made you tear up).

On the plus side, there are a whole lot of eliminated playas in front of me, so if I can stick around for a while longer and/or have some nice-priced winners, I should rapidly propel upwards in the standings.

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