Saturday, June 6, 2009

NHCQualify Attempt #2

I haven't done much recently in my quest to qualify for the 2010 National Handicapping Championship recently, but I'm back in the game today with my entry in the online contest.

I did one of these back in February without any luck, so hopefully I do better today. Specs are the same: $100 ante, 300 contestants, no cash prizes, finishing in the top 30 is all that matters because that's what advances you to a direct qualifier for the NHC.

My picks are as follows:

Bel7: Carribean Sunset
Hol2: Scibelli
Bel8: Munnings
Bel9: Funny Moon
Hol6: Gorgeous Goose
Bel10: Interpatation
Hol7: No Ka Oi
Bel11: Chocolate Candy
Hol8: Star Nicholas
Bel12: Western Connection

I won't be online in the afternoon like I was for the previous contest, so for better or for worse, these are probably my final selections. I certainly picked enough prices to give me the needed firepower (Interpatation is my biggest bomber), but of course a couple of those prices gotta crack the exacta to do me any good.

Worst of luck to all my competitors!

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