Saturday, June 27, 2009

Signs of Life

Since losing my life preserver last week, I have had a very strong week in the 'Survival' contest, including two $41 days, and I now sit in 556th place.  I know, it don't sound like much, but given I had been languishing in the low 4-digits, it's a nice improvement in a very short period of time.

Of course it will only take one day to knock me out of the box for good, but on the other hand, I need only another day or two go my way to at least move things in the direction of being legitimately interesting.  By my quick-and-dirty count, fewer than 200 of the 687 remaining survivors have life preservers left, so plenty of others share my precarious position, and one day of longshots in contest races may chop survivors down to 300. 

Being that this contest has been the focal point of my blog in recent weeks, I obviously ain't been doing much in terms of really attempting to qualify for the 2010 NHC.  I do plan to enter at least one or two real contests later in the summer.  For now, for this discretionary-income-challenged hopeful, 'Survival' has been a lot of fun.  

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