Monday, June 15, 2009

Surviving, But Hardly Thriving

I'm hanging in there in the Monmouth Park Survival at the Shore contest. After 16 racing days, I am in 1,213th place, with a $235.90 bankroll and my lifeline intact. I have had one $40 day and a few other decent $20+ days, but most days seem to fit the same pattern: any price horse(s) I pick run out of the money, while my chalk(s) hit the board, but only for 2nd or even just 3rd. In other words, I'm doing what it takes to survive, but I'm not generating much cash and I have yet to make any headway in the standings, even as more players are eliminated.

Speaking of eliminations, there have been 2,731 so far, while 1,495 remain alive. That's a lot of people still in it, but it looks like as many as half have lost their lifelines, so even just one day of chalk biting the big one should lop 1/3 off that number.

Realistically I'm still a huge longshot in this thing, but somebody's gotta win, and I'm sure many people ahead of me in the standings would trade places with me for my lifeline. Win or lose, the contest is a lot of fun and it keeps me out of trouble, as I have even found it to be a decent substitute for going to the track.

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