Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I had another solid week in the 'Survival' contest, highlighted by a $46.50 day on Saturday ($41.60 from Corredor's Song) and the near-loss of my life preserver on Sunday (thankfully winner Laureate Conductor went off as the slight favorite in the Choice Stakes, rather than last-place finisher Final Count). I currently stand in 260th place with a $498.80 bankroll.

We still have two months' of racing to go, but I am starting to feel a bit antsy about whether I can ever catch up to the leader ("ontherail"), who is more than $300 ahead of me with a bankroll $804.50, and has not one but TWO life preservers. Surviving every day is great, but to have any realistic chance I will need to bring home some longshots AND have lots of people fall by the wayside on one or more days where the chalk fails. So we'll see what happens, one neat thing about this game is that things can turn on a dime -- the current third-place contestant ("brandypuppy") was just eliminated on Sunday.

Separately, I will not be participating in the Monmouth Park/Canterbury Challenge this Saturday, despite the allure of possibly winning one of three spots to the 2010 NHC. For one, I don't follow Canterbury one iota, and bigger than that, the $400 ante is a little too rich for my blood in these recessionary times.

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