Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I was pleasantly surprised to learn that by virtue of surviving in Monmouth Park's 'Survival at the Shore' contest through Sunday June 28, I was awarded a bonus life preserver. To sum up my current situation, I am in 465th place, though about 130 people ahead of me are dead so I'm around 365th among 496 survivors; my bankroll of $403.10 is a full $300 behind the leader; and I'm one of about 400 survivors with one life preserver, with the other 96 or so having an enviable two.


-The bonus life preserver will extend my time in the contest, but obviously it will not help my chances vis a vis everyone else.
-The extended time (however long it lasts) promises to be funner, because ~500 people feels much more like a real contest than 5,200+.
-I reread the rules and I learned that this contest is not a true 'survival' contest, because the highest bankroll wins even if the highest bankroll is that of an eliminated player. In other words, say the contest is down to Player X and and Player Y: Player X has $1,000 and is eliminated on August 1o, while Player Y survives until August 20 and finishes with $975. If I understand the rules correctly, Player X wins even though Player Y was the real survivor.
-Nobody will be eliminated today, but I need another day or two where favorites lose and I have a decent pick or two. While I have outlasted more than 90% of the original contest signer-uppers, I won't consider this interesting in terms of having a viable chance to win until survivors are down to 200.
-I spend way too much time looking at and analyzing this contest.

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