Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Travers Day ahead

Toll the bell -- I was officially eliminated from the 'Survival at the Shore' contest on Saturday August 15. So unfortunately I will not be going to the 2010 National Handicapping Championship on Monmouth Park's dime. I finished in 254th place, which was nominally in the top 6% of the 4,228 initial contestants, but realistically it's not that impressive, because I'd estimate 1,000-1,500 people were eliminated by forgetting to make picks rather than making losing picks. It was fun, I lasted way longer than I ever had before, and hopefully I'll make an even better run next year.

Next up for me is the NHC Tour's free (for Tour members) Travers Day online contest this Saturday. It sends the top 2 (out of about 800-1,200 players) to Vegas, so needless to say one needs to have an unconscious day to get in, but I gotta be due one of these eras. I need to figure out how I can watch the races live online (I don't get TVG and I imagine ESPN will only show a race or two before the Travers) without going to the track, because the contest will be a lot less fun if I can't see the races.

Beyond that, I'm thinking I will try either the Meadowlands contest on October 3 or the Aqueduct affair on November 14-15 as my last-hurrah qualifying attempt of the year.

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