Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm Number 1,251!

I tied for 1,251st place in today's NHC Online Kickoff Challenge. I'm a little bummed because my goal was to crack the top 1,250, but hey what can you do.

But seriously, sing no sad songs, as I blogged yesterday I played in today's event only because it was free with the $45 NHC Tour membership, and hey someone had to win (and come in 2nd through 5th, which also qualified you for 2012 NHC).

Today's contest had 1,526 players, which is about double the size of last year's events. And because we're still very very early in the year and many people are still in holiday mode, I'd guess that field sizes will increase in subsequent contests. That's obviously good for the NHC Tour, but in my opinion it's not so good for individual players such as myself, because when the field size is very very big, chances of winning are very very small.

Anyway it's only Jan. 2, I have the whole year to kvetch so I'll stop there. I am looking forward to the live event at Monmouth Park on Jan. 15.

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