Sunday, January 16, 2011

Inauspicious '11 debut

I tried my luck in yesterday's Simulcast Series Challenge #1 at Monmouth Park, and ouch-a-mundo! I went 0-for-8, and nuked my $100 starting bankroll with seven $10 bets and one $30 bet.

I should have known it wasn't my day when I seriously considered plunking $10 on Mighty Score in Gulfstream's 2nd race, ultimately didn't pull the trigger, and proceeded to watch him score at 8-1. When I did start to bet, of course I lost -- Jambonied did nothing at 7-1 in GP3, as did Smart Tori at 8-1 in GP4; 6-1 Break Up the Game was too little too late in GP5; and Cristobal didn't pick up his feet at 24-1 in GP6. Throw in a few losers at Aqu and Tam and I was down to $30 late in the day; I decided my only hope was a last-three-races parlay at Gulfstream, so I put my $30 on 3-1 Sr. Henry in GP8 and was out the door when his late rally came up short.

When handicapping fails as it did yesterday, contest strategy becomes essentially irrelevant, so there's nothing to yak about on that front. It's akin to a football team that can't get a first down.

No big deal all-in-all, these kind of days happen to even the best handicappers (my compatriot at crapped out with just one winner yesterday)-- the challenge is to minimize their frequency. Onward and upward.


  1. I love following your blog.....I hope you write more than you did last year LOL! I'm sure you will do great this year. Hey, thanks for the link to NJHorseplayer, but your link is bad.....I figured it out though. Good luck to are on my RSS Feeder!

  2. Hello Donna -- well I wouldn't expect to be read by an RVer from New Hampshire, but I'm glad you like the blog! What interests you about horse-race handicapping contests?

  3. Oh, gosh, I started in 2005 with the dogs and someone said to me back then, "If you like playing the dogs, you'll love the horses" So I switched over to horses for the past few years. Just recently (the last year I've been looking into tourneys and the competitiveness behind it). And I love my Turf Monthly and my ntra membership. I can relate to your blog, because I'm still on the same level as "Darn!!!!! I was soooo close!!!" :) Hahahaah! You just keep up the hard work and yes, I wish I was at Red Rock this weekend too! :)