Sunday, January 22, 2012

Inauspicious '12 Bow

Came up snake eyes in yesterday's Simulcast Series Challenge Invitational at Monmouth Park: $0 final bankroll, tied for last place.

I had a brief run at contention in late afternoon, when my $20W bet on Tarpy's Goal ($11) in GP7 pushed up my bankroll up from half-the-starting-point $50 to $140. This put me about 18th place in a 134-person field where the top 10 finishers won prize money and the top 15 qualified for the April SSC Invitational, which sends 2 players to the 2013 NHC.

But alas, that $140 proved to be my high-water mark as I didn't hit another bet, the biggest of which were $30W on 21-1 Navy Wings in GP8 (ran evenly in mid-pack) and $50W on 5-1 Chosen Heir in GP9 (finished dead last, yikes).

I did make some questionable decisions with my last $50. Rather than concentrate on one price play as I would typically do, I went $25W on 7-2 Canadian Mistress in Tam10 and $25W on 2-1 Cozzetti in the almost-concurrent GP10. My plan was to hit both, or at least one, of the 'safe' plays and boost my bankroll enough to take a bigger shot in the final two races.

But as Mike Tyson said, everybody has a plan until they get hit. Both my 'safe' plays lost (Cozzetti was especially disappointing for a horse who opened at 3-5), and NJHorseplayer and I took an ignominious exit out into the frigid winter landscape.

I have no real regrets from this day. I liked both the Navy Wings and the Chosen Heir bets. I did sort of dodge a bullet in the sense that even if I had played my last $50 better, the outcome would have been the same as I most likely would not have had the winners in the 10th and 11th races at either track, including the $35 winner in the Tampa feach.

Onward and upward, next stop SSC #2 at Monmouth Park on Feb. 18.

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