Sunday, January 5, 2014

'Meh' Start to 2014

I tried my hand at the Monmouth Park Simulcast Series Challenge #1 yesterday, with no real luck. I tied for last place with a $0 final bankroll.

The high (and low) lights:

-I had two winners, Didn't Take It ($12.60, GP6) and Long to Win ($13.80, Tam7). Both $10W. They got my bankroll up to about $120 something and $140 something, the latter being the days high-water mark.
-I never did make it onto the leaderboard which showed the top 25 of approx. 190 playas -- I'm guessing I topped out around 35th or 40th or something, not that it matters.
-I had tough-beat second-place finishes with Tie Dye (7-1, GP7), and Somali Lemonade (12-1, GP9). One of these two was a $20W bet, I forget which one but I think it was the latter. Hitting one or both of these could have changed the dynamic for me.
-the one notable my-fault miss was Beauties Honor, who paid $19.60 in Tam2. I totally "woulda" played that horse based on my trusty trainer-regency angle, but I had arrived at my seat not long before the race and I was still settling in and BSing with NJHorseplayer. *Thankfully* this miss happened early and given later results it most likely wouldn't have mattered if I had started the day with a $96 score. But it's still annoying and worth some self-flagellation, as there are plenty of exogenous factors that make these contests plenty tough, I don't need human error to make it more of an uphill climb.
-I had $102 at about 5 pm , with 4 contest races left. Not a great position, but it was some ammo to try to do something. But, I didn't really like anything the rest of the way and my stabs (Left Foot Slewie in tam10, Lucky Black in GP11) predictably didn't pan out.
-In my opinion you have to be lucky *and* good on any given day to make noise in these contests. I was reasonably good (but not great) on the handicapping / decision-making end, and while I wasn't
massively unlucky by any means, I wasn't especially lucky either. Middling ratings for both skill and luck ain't gonna do it.
-back in action at SSC #2 in six weeks. Also this year I'm hoping to blog more , yikes I only blogged 5 times last year.

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