Monday, July 30, 2012

Rich Nilsen Wins Red Rock or Bust Handicapping Contest

Rich Nilsen parlayed winning selections of Flashy American at 8-1 and Alaura Michele at 6-1 to win Red Rock or Bust's inaugural handicapping contest, which was held on Sunday, July 29.

Rich wins $20 for his troubles. Rich has already qualified for the 2013 NHC so he won't be winning it all via the very nontraditional Red Rock or Bust route, but he reports he will pass along the 20-spot for his wife Marta to take a crack at a preliminary NHC feeder in the near future. They will keep us updated regarding progress (or lack thereof).

The official final standings are:

FunkyMonkey 38.00
Donna 37.30
NjHorseplayer 23.90
Steve S. 11.30

Rich, who calls Tarpon Springs, Florida home, was previously profiled on Red Rock or Bust. He has qualified for the NHC nine times in the past and is the only person to finish in the top 10 twice, but he reported than winning Sunday's Red Rock or Bust contest was hands-down the highlight of his handicapping career (okay he didn't really say that, but he might be thinking it).


  1. how about a critique of the bcqualify contest.

  2. I didnt even know they were having one!