Thursday, November 1, 2012

Want a FREE* $375,000?

Steve Martin had an old stand-up routine that started with
"You can have a million dollars and never pay taxes.
You say to yourself, Steve (which is a funny thing to say to yourself), how can I have a million dollars and never pay taxes?
First, get a million dollars..."

In that spirit, I invite (some of) you to participate in the Red Rock or Bust/HorseTourneys Free* Breeders' Cup Handicapping Contest, which could result in you winning $750,000 (and bringing home $375,000) in the DRF/NTRA 2013 National Handicapping Championship, to be held in Las Vegas in January.  

Here are the specs:

Contest is open to all NHC Tour members who have not yet qualified for 2013 NHC.

Minimum five players.

You must make your selections in the comments section of this blog post by 2:00 PM Eastern time on Saturday, November 3.

This is a bit of a freeform contest -- simply submit your best six plays (plays=single horses) from Saturday's nine BC races, specifying one of the six as a best bet, and one of the six as an alternate.
The horses may be from any BC Saturday race. You may select more than one from the same race.

Each player gets a notional $4WP bet on his/her best bet, and $2WP on each of his/her other four non-alternate selections. The alternate will only be used in the event of a scratch and will always be a $2WP bet -- if your best bet is scratched, the first selection after the best bet will move up to be the best bet. In the event of more than one scratch, the post-time favorite will be used after the alternate.
If a best bet and/or alternate is not specified, the first horse listed will be the best bet, and the last horse will be the alternate.(This contest is really simpler than I'm making it out to be, I'm just trying to cover all bases.)

It's BC day, so let's go with high payout caps -- $75 to win ($150 for best bet) and $30 to place ($60 for best bet).

The winner gets a credit to an upcoming $30 HorseTourneys contest (thanks to HorseTourneys for generously providing this purse). The credit must be used soon, as there aren't many weeks left to qualify for 2013 NHC, especially via HorseTourneys.

If the winner advances to a $140 HorseTourneys contest through the $30 event (1/5 chance), and advances to 2013 NHC via the $140 event (1/60), my oh my won't that be a good story. And it gets better, as the final rule of Saturday's contest is that if the winner of Saturday's RRoB/HT contest gets to the 2013 NHC via this path and goes on to win the 2013 NHC (1/450ish chance), the winner must donate half of the pot (which is $750K I believe) to charity (seriously -- hence the $375K in the headline). Honor system.
So say we get five players on Saturday, add it all up and each player has a (1/5)*(1/5)*(1/60)*(1/450ish) chance of winning the NHC via this path.

That may be microscopic but it's a lot better than the 0% chance you have if you don't play. Good luck!  

*This opportunity is "free" for those who have paid $50 to join the NHC Tour, so in good faith I had to asterisk the word.


  1. Best Bet - Gantry / Alt - The Lumber Guy
    Noble Tune / Alt - Fantastic Moon
    Rail Trip / Alt - Fed Biz
    Mizdirection / Alt - Unbridled Note
    Moonlight Cloud / Alt - Excelebration
    Shareta / Alt - St. Nicholas Abbey


  2. Thanks Lenny. I may not have been as clear as I needed to be but no need for alt picks for each selection. I'll record your picks as

    Best bet ($4WP):

    Other selections ($2WP):
    Noble Tune
    Rail Trip
    Moonlight Cloud

    Alternate (will be a bet if any of your top 5 horses scratch): Shareta

    Anyone else posting picks can use this format.

  3. Cool idea!

    Best bet:
    California Flag

    Other selections:
    Brown Almighty

    Animal Kingdom

  4. Because I can never resist a contest, here goes:

    Best Bet: Noble Tune


    The Lumber Guy
    Willcox Inn
    Kindergarden Kid

    Alternate :Shareta
    Thanks Terry, hope you have a winning day!

  5. Best Bet:

    Other Selections:
    Balance the Books
    Smiling Tiger

    Capo Bastone

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